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March 27, 2007

Xbox 360 “Elite” — The Black Xbox 360 is a reality (for $479)

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The rumored black Xbox is now official. It’s basically the same as the Xbox 360 Premium, but with a 120GB hard drive and HDMI. And it’s in black. It doesn’t use a smaller, cooler CPU, and doesn’t have integrated wi-fi or HD-DVD.

The thing is, it actually makes the 20GB PS3 look like a bargain. For an extra $20, you get a Blu-ray player, after all. I personally think this is the wrong direction for MS to go with the system. Adding a “deluxe” model like this isn’t going to strike fear into Sony’s heart. Not when their low-end model already beats it (with a few exceptions, like storage space, of course). They need to be making their system even cheaper.  I figured MS was going to try and be aggressive about their pricing, maybe introducing this model at the same price point as the current premium model and getting rid of the core system.

BTW, the price for the 120GB HD by itself is $179…


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