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November 6, 2006

Want a PS3 a few days early? Don’t have a preorder at all? No problem…

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Play-Asia has just offered up the Japanese version of the Playstation 3 for preorder. The price for the 60GB model is $999 and the 20GB is $899. This is a hefty markup over the retail prices of $599 and $499, respectively, but given how hard it is to get a preorder for these things, and the fact that they will probably go for closer to $2000 on eBay just after launch, it’s actually not such a bad deal. ( is trying to sell the same thing for $1899!) You may even get it a little early, since Japan is having their PS3 release on November 11th instead of the 17th (admittedly, shipping time will probably most of that up).

The only thing you need to consider is that while the system language can be set to English and PS3 games and Blueray movies will play without problems (PS3 games are region free and Japan and the US are the same region under the Blueray specs), this console won’t be able to play normal DVDs, PS1 and PS2 games from the US.


October 23, 2006

2-day Threadless sale

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Quick bargain: is having another of their $10 sales — all T-shirts are $10, which is quite a savings over their usual prices.

August 17, 2006

Bargain games at Sears, Threadless T-shirts for cheap

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Threadless Back to School Sale ($10 T-Shirts)

M For Monkey - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever sells funny, cute, occasionally disturbing, and otherwise unique T-shirts, the designs for which have been submitted by their users. Until Monday the 21st they are running a back-to-school sale, which makes most shirts $10 (down from $15). You can also use the coupon code “stay classy” (with no quotes) to get $3 off of your order.

Sears Video Game Clearance

Sears (the actual stores, not the online store) is having a very underpublicized clearance of their much of their video game back stock. Selection varies wildly from store to store, and if your store is anything like mine, they’ll have the games locked up in glass cases without any price tags. So the best thing to do is to check out this thread on Cheap Ass Gamer for a list of the games that people found on clearance, and then see if your store has them. You should ask an employee for a price check, since most things will not be priced correctly (if at all).

Here’s what I have picked up:

Sonic Heroes (PS2) – $4.97 (tagged correctly)
Mortal Kombat: Deception (PS2) – $4.97 (tagged correctly)
Kirby AirRide (Gamecube) – $4.97 (marked $9.97)
Pikmin 2 (Gamecube)- $9.97 (tagged correctly)
Feel the Magic (DS) for $9.98
Xbox live 12 month subscription with headset and Crimson Skies for $9.98
Death Junior (PSP) for $9.98
Metroid Prime Pinball (DS) – $17.97 (tagged correctly)
Astroboy (GBA) – $9.97 (no price tag)
Donkey Konga (with bongos) – $24.97 (no price tag)
Knights of the Old Republic 2 (Xbox)- $9.97 (marked $49.99)

Some of these things are games that I might not ordinarily buy, but for these prices, I thought they were worth a try.

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