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December 12, 2006

And the top-selling video game system for November is…

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This article at Next-Generation gives the sales figures for video games in November:

PS3: 197,000 units
Nintendo Wii: 476,000 units
Xbox 360: 511,000 units
PS2: 664,000 units

Obviously the PS3 and Wii sales are constrained by supply — they’ve both sold out completely. The interesting news here is that the PS2 is actually the top selling home console. I think its price — about half that of the next cheapest console (the Wii) — is a major factor, combined with its unmatched game library.

Sales of portables were as follows:

PSP: 412,000 units
DS: 918,000 units

Obviously the DS is doing very well, but the PSP’s sales are also very respectable, having increased almost 50% from the same time last year. One thing the article doesn’t mention is Game Boy Advance sales. I’m very interested to know how many GBA SPs and Micros were sold. I’m sure it’s in the hundreds of thousands of units, despite the fact that the system is clearly in its last days.

EDIT: This article has an interesting paragraph that answers my question:

“Nintendo hardware outsold all others combined. Nintendo sold 476,000 Wiis, 918,000 Nintendo DS portables, 641,000 Game Boy Advance handhelds and 64,000 GameCube consoles that have them selling 2.1 million of the 3.9 million systems purchased for the month.”


December 4, 2006

The PS3 Wall of Shame (eBay scalpers)

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eBay has made some special rules for people selling their PS3s at auction. For one thing, you need a picture of the console in your possession and a picture of the receipt as well. Obviously, this is to prevent people from selling imaginary PS3s, but it has had the interesting side effect of giving us a glimpse into the lives of the people who are selling the machines. This thread on (free registration required) shows dozens of the more interesting pictures that people have posted with their auctions.

An incredible number of people have bought these consoles with the sole intention of selling them on eBay, and you can see this in some of the pictures. A lot of them are clearly not gamers, and you have to wonder how some of them scraped together the money get the PS3 they are selling. Many people included their kids in the picture, perhaps in an attempt to appear likeable, or to convince buyers that they need the money. There are almost as many that include partially clad (or even apparently naked) women holding the PS3. And a surprising number include sob stories about needing to pay for school, bills, or other expenses. Many of these people have set very high starting points for their auctions, such as $50,000 or $100,000, apparently hoping that some rich person with a soft heart will take pity on them.

Finally, one thing that is striking about these photos is that so many people have more than one system. Some people have as many as 10 (see above). Selling one system doesn’t seem so bad, but it’s people like this who are just making the PS3 supply situation worse than it already is. Ironically, these people’s dreams of striking it rich are probably just that — dreams. Although there was a short period right after the PS3’s launch on the 17th of November when people were getting $2000-$3000 for a PS3, prices have now decreased to the point where you’re likely to only make $200-$300. Not exactly a great reward for camping out for days in front of a store.

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