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September 16, 2006

What’s new in iTunes 7

Filed under: iPod & iTunes — icruise @ 3:19 pm kind of beat me to the punch with a very thorough guide to what has changed in iTunes 7, so I’ll point you there for the details, but here are some of the changes that seemed most significant to me. (More after the jump.)

You can now tag videos as “TV Shows” directly in iTunes, and you can also edit their “show” and “episode” tags. This is important to anyone who rips their own DVDs of TV shows (or downloads them from places other than the iTS). Before, it was necessary to use an external program like Lostify.

You can now upgrade your iPod’s software directly in iTunes — no more downloading a separate program, which was pretty confusing to a lot of people. There’s also a nice graphical representation of what is on your iPod, divided by media type.

Gapless playback is nice. Even though it’s an iTunes 7 feature, it really only applies to 5G iPods and not iTunes itself. I don’t entirely understand how it works though. I had a 2-disc live album that I tested it with. I marked the first disc as “gapless” and did nothing to the second. The first disc played fine with no gaps, but so did the second. I don’t know if iTunes was able to sense that this album was supposed to be gapless when it was upgrading my library or what. But in any case, it works and it isn’t limited to stuff bought from the iTS either.

iTunes will now download album art for you from the iTS for things that you have converted yourself. There are apparently some problems getting the artwork for things that have tags that don’t completely match what is on the iTS, and of course if the songs aren’t there to begin with, you can’t get the artwork. The thing that surprised me the most about this feature (aside from the fact that Apple is doing it in the first place) is that you can even get artwork for albums that aren’t available in your region’s store. I have some Japanese songs that were not available in the US store, but iTunes found artwork for them anyway. Nice.

Of course, there are a lot of other little tweaks (and the somewhat disturbing new graphical style as well). There are also some reports of people having trouble with the new version, particularly on Windows. But it’s been pretty problem free for me so far.


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  1. hmm… I think they are putting too many things into iTunes its starting to get really ‘heavy’ on the system. I think they should make a Light version

    Comment by teophilus — November 11, 2006 @ 10:49 pm

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