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September 15, 2006

Nintendo Wii preorders up at

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Nintendo just announced yesterday that the price for the Wii will be $249, and this has allowed some retailers to finally start honest-to-goodness preorders. It’s too early to tell how great demand will be for the new system during the holidays, but when systems are in demand many retailers (Best Buy, I’m looking at you) will resort to selling them in high-priced bundles that include games or extra accessories that people wouldn’t ordinarily want.

If you want to avoid all that, I’d advise you to get an order in at an online retailer now. I’d recommend, but I have a feeling that this preorder won’t be available from them for long. (this is probably your best bet)

The Wii is also available for preorder from and but they don’t even have prices listed yet. The Play-Asia one appears to be the Japanese version of the console, although it will apparently be region free, so this may not be a big deal. which, considering that the Wii may in fact have region coding after all, may not be a good buy.

[UPDATE: Wow, minutes after posting this, it is no longer available at Amazon.]

[SECOND UPDATE: Amazon recently added the information below to their Customer Discussion page for the Wii.] (More after the jump.)

Hi! My name is Jon, and I’m an editor working on the Video Games team. We know that everyone is excited to get their Wii pre-ordered… heck, we’re anxious, too. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have our launch allocation numbers from Nintendo, so we don’t have any hard and fast data for you.

For a brief period on Friday, we did offer pre-orders for the Wii, however, the rate at which pre-orders came in dramatically outpaced what we had anticipated, so we suspended pre-orders until we are able to get a firmer commitment from Nintendo regarding how many units we’ll have for sale.

Because the pre-order window was so brief, the e-mail many of you signed up for notifying you that pre-orders were available was never triggered to send out. We apologize and have fixed the system to ensure pre-order e-mail notifications are sent in advance.

So they will be honoring the preorders already taken (and there is no reason they shouldn’t) and they will also be offering more preorders sometime relatively soon. I know I was signed up to receive a notification when the Wii became available, but I never received a mail. Luckily, some people on the Cheap Ass Gamer forums noticed it in time for me to get my order in. I’ll keep you posted with any additional news about the Wii on Amazon.


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