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July 11, 2006

Nintendo shows its true colors

Filed under: Japan, Video Games — icruise @ 2:00 pm

I was at a Japanese Toys R Us the other day looking at the video games and I was struck by the sheer number of color variations that Nintendo has for its products. For those of you counting, that’s 6 colors of GameBoy Advance, 4 colors of GameBoy Micro, 5 colors of old-style DS, 3 colors of DS Lite (soon to be joined by “Noble Pink“), plus 4 colors of GameCube. Whew! And that’s just what’s in the store! They’ve had all sorts of other colors and limited editions in the past as well.

It’s true that the color variations help attract a new customers. I know some people who would be more likely to get something like a DS Lite if they knew they could get it in pink, for example. But it’s also been Nintendo’s strategy for a long time to make regular minor changes to their product line, altering it just enough to warrant a repurchase. I wonder how many people have more than one of the same machine, just because they wanted a different color?


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