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May 8, 2006

New MacBooks on Tuesday?

Filed under: Macintosh, Portables, Rumors — icruise @ 9:08 pm

Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing a “MacBook” on Tuesday May 9th to replace the iBook. Although it’s not proof positive, the recent slip-up on Apple’s web site does seem to imply that there will be a product called the Macbook released in the near future. And the existing “MacBook Pro” name certainly did imply that there was be a non-Pro MacBook in the pipeline. Specs are said to include an Intel Core Duo processor, a 13″ widescreen display, and two colors — white and black.

The announcement of the MacBook would mean that most of Apple’s product line has made the transition to Intel processors (with the conspicuous exception of the pro desktops, which Apple is undoubtedly saving for last). If the rumors are accurate, it would also mean a return to multi-colored portables. Black and white color choices seem to be an obvious extension of the iPod’s color scheme — an interesting reminder how important the iPod is to Apple today.

It also seems likely that the introduction of the MacBook would mean the end of the 12″ PowerBook, and that seems a little sad. The 12″ PowerBook is a great little machine (I’m typing this post on one) and I hope that the MacBooks will make good enough replacements. For example, I hope that the extended desktop feature (which allows you to use two monitors with the desktop spread across both of them) will be enabled by default, as it is on the Intel iMacs. Apple needs a small and light portable that doesn’t require sacrificing basic functionality like this.


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